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Forum: Underworlds and Underworld Locales
Name Description Status
Aaru Heavenly paradise in Egyptian mythology.
Abaddon Biblical place of destruction. Added 21 March
Abyss A bottomless pit, often leading to the Underworld, in various traditions.
Adlivun & Quidlivun From Inuit mythology, Adlivun is the Underworld where souls are purified before they ascend to an afterlife in Quidlivun, on the Moon Added 25 March
Agartha Legendary city in the Earth’s core, associated with mystical beliefs.
Annwn The Otherworld in Welsh mythology.
Baralku Island of the dead in Ylongu culture.
Brittia European island of the dead, written about by Procopius, Greek author and historian (500-560).
Burotu Paradise-underworld in Fijian mythology.
Dis City that encompasses the 6th through 9th circles of Hell in The Divine Comedy, epic poem by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Italian poet.
Duat Place of judgment in Egyptian mythology.
Elysium Realm of heroes in the Underworld of Greek mythology.
Guinee The spirit world in Haitian Vodou tradition.
Hamistagan Place of departed souls in Zoroastrian tradition.
Irkalla Underworld in Babylonian mythology.
Mag Mell Realm reached through death and/or glory in Irish mythology.
Manala Also known as Tuonela, the underworld in Sami and Finnish mythology. Added 25 March
Mictlan Underworld of Aztec mythology.
Mon Repos Home of death in Discworld, from comic adventure novels by Terry Pratchett (1948-2015). Added 21 March
Murimuria Underworld for punishment in Fijian mythology.
Niflheim Realm of the dead for those who did not die a heroic death, Norse mythology.
Òrún-Apadi The invisible realm of the broken pottery, a place of eternal punishment in the Yoruba religion, practiced in parts of west Africa. Added 28 March
Pandemonium Capital of Hell in Paradise Lost (1667), epic poem by John Milton, English poet (1608-1674).
Patala The Hindu Underworld, divided into seven regions. Added 28 March
Peaks of Thok, Vaults of Zin, ... Mountains of the Underworld, in the Dream Cycle stories of H. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937), US writer.
Pellucidar Fictional world inside the hollow Earth, originally appearing in At the Earths' Core, by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Added 21 March
Pulotu The underworld in the mythology of Tonga and Samoa.
Sulad The Underworld in Visayan (Philippines) folklore. Added 28 March
Tartarus Pit of lost souls in the Underworld of Greek mythology.
Tuonela Realm of the dead in Finnish and Estonian mythology. Added 21 March
Ukhu pacha Inner world of the dead in Incan mythology.
Valhalla Home ruled over by the god Odin, destination of heroes in Norse mythology. Used on Callisto
Xibalba Mayan Underworld.
Yomi The Underworld of Shinto mythology. Added 21 March
Z'ha'dum Homeworld of the Shadows at the edge of the galaxy. The Shadows are an ancient, evil race in the TV series Babylon 5. Added 21 March