FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a theme?
  2. What themes are you using?
  3. Why is this about the history of exploration?
  4. Why is this about the literature of exploration?
  5. Why is this about the Underworld?
  6. Won't you need more themes?
  7. Show me an example of how this works!
  8. How will you use the votes?
  9. Why hasn't my nomination been added to the list?
  10. Where is the comment I submitted?

8. How will you use the votes?

After the voting is completed, the New Horizons team and the IAU will work together to create a list of approved names within each theme. The votes will help us rank the order of the names within each list. We will try to put the most popular names near the top of each list, so they can be assigned to the biggest and most interesting features.

However, the names on Pluto must also reflect the true diversity of all the people on Earth. Pluto belongs to everyone. That means that we will need to make sure that the names on the list are culturally balanced. We will probably need to move some names upward and other names downward to achieve this goal. The IAU may also make their own additions to the list.