FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a theme?
  2. What themes are you using?
  3. Why is this about the history of exploration?
  4. Why is this about the literature of exploration?
  5. Why is this about the Underworld?
  6. Won't you need more themes?
  7. Show me an example of how this works!
  8. How will you use the votes?
  9. Why hasn't my nomination been added to the list?
  10. Where is the comment I submitted?

9. Why hasn't my nomination been added to the list?

Nominations are carefully reviewed before they are added to the ballot. This could take 24 hours or more.

Nominations might be rejected for any number of reasons. We have to ask these questions:
  • Is the name appropriate? Names that do not fit the theme cannot be used.
  • Has the name been used elsewhere in the solar system? With few exceptions, we cannot reuse names that have appeared on other bodies. You can check by entering your suggestion into the upper left search box at the IAU's Planetary Nomenclature site. Some names that have been used elsewhere are identified as "Used" in the status column of our name lists.
  • Is the person still living? We cannot consider the names of real persons who are liviing, or who died less than three years ago.
  • Is the list getting too long? If we collect too many names, voting and discussions will become impractical.