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Here's how it works:

  • The different kinds of surface features on Pluto and Charon will be named according to various "themes."
  • Three of the themes are related to the history of exploration:
    Historic explorers: those who pioneered the exploration of the land, sea and sky.
    Space missions and spacecraft: the launch vehicles that have carried our people and our machines into space, and the spacecraft we have used to explore the cosmos.
    Scientists and engineers: those who have contributed to our understanding of Pluto and the solar system.
  • Four of the themes are related to the literature of exploration:
    Fictional explorers and travelers: the characters who have embarked on journeys in the stories we tell.
    Fictional origins and destinations: the places they have sought and the homes they have left.
    Fictional vessels: the sailing ships, starships, and everything in between that have carried them on their journeys.
    Authors and artists: those who have envisioned our explorations of the land, sea and space.
  • Three of the themes are related to the mythology of the Underworld:
    Underworlds and Underworld locales: the deep, dark places of mystery and death, as imagined in all the cultures of the world.
    Travelers to the Underworld: the intrepid travelers who have ventured into the Underworld and (sometimes) returned.
    Underworld beings: the deities, demons and denizens of the Underworld in our stories.
  • You can also nominate a name that is missing from the ballot.
    • Approved nominations will be added to the ballots. Come back tomorrow to see what's new!
  • You can also discuss any of the names on the ballots.

Step 1: Open up the Voter's Guide

The Voter's Guide will open in a separate window. It contains links to more information about each name on each ballot. You can refer to it while you are voting.

Step 2: Go to the ballots and vote:

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