Initial Proposal to the IAU, July 7, 2015

We are pleased to announce the contents of our initial proposal to the IAU. These selections have been based on popularity in the voting, while also ensuring that the names we use in the Pluto system represent all the people of Planet Earth. See FAQ #8 for details.

If your favorite name is not on one of these lists, do not despair. We will be submitting additional names to the IAU in the future.

Follow the links below for theme-by-theme listings. You can also review the entire proposal as a Google spreadsheet.

Pluto Themes:

Space missions and spacecraft icon P1. Space Missions and Spacecraft: the launch vehicles that have carried our people and our machines into space, and the spacecraft we have used to explore the cosmos.
Scientists and engineers icon P2. Scientists and Engineers: those who have contributed to our understanding of Pluto and the solar system.
Historic explorers icon P3. Historic Explorers: those who pioneered the exploration of the land, sea and sky.
Underworld beings icon P4. Underworld Beings: the deities, demons and denizens of the Underworld in our stories.
Underworlds and Underworld locales icon P5. Underworlds and Underworld Locales: the deep, dark places of mystery and death, as imagined in all the cultures of the world.
Travelers to the Underworld icon P6. Travelers to the Underworld: the intrepid travelers who have ventured into the Underworld and (sometimes) returned.

Charon Themes:

Fictional explorers and travelers icon C1. Fictional Explorers and Travelers: the characters who have embarked on journeys in the stories we tell.
Fictional origins and destinations icon C2. Fictional Origins and Destinations: the places they have sought and the homes they have left.
Fictional vessels icon C.3 Fictional Vessels: the sailing ships, starships, and everything in between that have carried them on their journeys.
Exploration authors and artists icon C4. Exploration Authors, Artists and Directors: those who have envisioned our explorations of the land, sea and space.

Small Moon Themes:

Styx: River Gods
Nix: Deities of the Night
Kerberos: Dogs from History, Literature and Mythology
Hydra: Legendary Serpents and Dragons

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